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Our services:

Here are the services that are included in our "global support package" for your immigration procedure in Belgium:

  • Single work permit;

  • Professional card;

  • Student residence permit;

  • Annuitant-type residence permit;

  • Unlimited residence permit in Belgium; 

  • Regularization of residence in Belgium; 

  • Application for Belgian nationality;

  • Family reunification.

A. Before getting the administrative decision:

  1. Guidance for transmission of the pieces:
  1. Establishment of a checklist of documents required for the procedure;
  2. Examination of the file after it has been compiled by the client;
  3. Assessment of the chances of success of the case based on our experience;
  4. Advice and recommendations to improve the case until the case is complete. 
2.      Preparation of the file - Writing of:
  1. A cover letter from a lawyer;
  2. An inventiondetailed list of exhibits; 
  3. A detailed report of your situation (if necessary). 
3.     Once the positive decision is granted:
  1. Direct transmission of your file to the competent authority to receive the file (Authority 1) (when the file does not have to be transmitted in person by the client);
  2. Direct contact with the administrative authority responsible for taking the decision (Authority 2), to ensure that the file and documents have been received;
  3. Update of the file in case of new events during the examination of the file by the authority 2 (maximum 2 times included in the global support package); 
  4. Answer to any questions from the authorities, relating to this file; 
  5. Answer to the client's questions relating to this file during the procedure (except the steps to speed up the file in the event of imminent travel or any other reason for urgency). 

B. After getting the positive decision:


Hypothesis 1: No visa application necessary:

  • Customer information on the rest of the process to get the residence permit. 

Hypothesis 2: Visa application required (if included in the gliobal package):

  • Drafting of the necessary procedural documents, i.e:
    1. An accompanying letter from a lawyer;
    2. A detailed inventory of the file of documents; 
    3. A detailed report on your situation (if necessary).
  • Guidance until the visa is issued;
  • Information to the client on the steps required to get the final residence permit once the client has arrived on Belgian territory. 

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