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If you think you cannot obtain a residence permit on the basis of the previous sections, we could consider submitting a request for regularization of residence for exceptional or medical circumstances.


In principle, any application for a residence permit of more than three must be made abroad at the Belgian diplomatic post in the country of origin.


However, when you have a precarious or illegal residence and are unable to go to your country of origin to apply for residence on Belgian territory, you can submit a request for regularization and claim exceptional circumstances to justify an impossible return to your country of origin.


If necessary, such a request for authorization must be submitted to the municipal administration of the Belgian municipality where you reside.

The exceptional nature of the circumstances invoked will be examined by the competent authority.


It is also possible to start the medical regularization procedure which aims to authorize foreigners to stay who, by the degree of seriousness of their illness, would involve unacceptable humanitarian consequences, i.e. if the illness is of a such that it entails a real risk to his life or physical integrity or a real risk of inhuman or degrading treatment when there is no adequate treatment in his country of origin or in the country where he is staying.


The foreigner transmits with the request all useful and recent information concerning his illness and the possibilities and accessibility of adequate treatment in his country of origin or in the country where he is staying.



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