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How to come and study in Belgium?

Do you want to come and stay in Belgium because you have planned your studies there? We can advise you!


Several hypotheses are available to you:


  1. Do your higher education or a preparatory year for higher education in an establishment organized, recognized or subsidized by the public authorities:

You benefit from automatic access to residence if you produce the following 4 documents:

  • A certificate of registration or pre-registration

  • Proof of sufficient means of subsistence to cover the costs of accommodation, health, studies and repatriation

  • A medical certificate

  • A certificate of good character if you are over 21 years old


2. Pursuing higher education at a private educational institution:

  • If you plan to study in a private establishment, the right of residence is not automatic.


The administration will examine your request individually, taking into account several objective criteria.

Where is the request for residence for studies made?

In the country of origin

Your application for residence must be submitted to the Belgian diplomatic or consular post in your country of origin.


In Belgium

However, if you are already legally residing in Belgium, you can submit your application to the municipal administration of the place of residence via the “change of status” procedure.


If you demonstrate exceptional circumstances making a return even to your country impossible, you can also submit the request to your municipal administration on the basis of article 9bis.

How to stay to work in Belgium after my studies?

To be able to benefit from the year granted after studies to look for a job or to create a business, the following conditions must be met:


  1. Be in possession of a residence permit as a foreign student;

  2. Have obtained at the end of the current year a graduate, bachelor or master's degree;

  3. Submit the application to their municipality of residence no later than 15 days before the expiry of the residence permit;


PROCEDURE: 4 hypotheses

  1. First hypothesis: If the student does not provide all the documents requested, the municipal administration informs him that he has a period of 15 days to complete his request.

  2. Second hypothesis: If the foreigner's residence permit expires before the Immigration Office has ruled on his application, the municipal administration must submit an appendix 15.

  3. Third hypothesis: If the decision of the Immigration Office is positive, the municipal administration issues a residence permit valid for a maximum period of 12 months.

  4. Fourth hypothesis: If the Immigration Office does not come to a decision within the 90-day period, authorization must be granted unless the student does not meet the legal conditions or constitutes a threat to public order or public health.


Our firm specializing in foreigners' rights accompanies you and helps you in your procedures.

Contacting a competent lawyer before taking any action allows you to act with full knowledge of the facts and avoid making mistakes.



LEXPAT .BE facilitates your formalities to study, work, get belgian nationality and hire a foreigner in Belgium

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