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Access to employment will soon be easier for about 125,000 foreign workers in Belgium.

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Great news!

As the employment rate of non-European foreigners is too low in Belgium, the federal government has approved a reform to remove certain obstacles.

Recently, the employment rate of non-European foreigners was only 54%.

Moreover, companies in Belgium are struggling to recruit workers.

But what will this reform, as proposed by Sammy Mahdi, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration, change in practice?

First of all, the conditions for obtaining the single permit, which until now has been so complicated to obtain, will be simplified. So non-European foreigners already living in Belgium will be able to apply for this valuable document.

They will no longer have to return to their home country when their contract expires and will be able to obtain the single permit directly from Belgium.

This reform should make it easier for around 125,000 foreigners to find a job and enable a large number of companies to finally fill some of the labour shortages in Belgium.

Post by Jonas Anckenmann.

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