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New Dynamic Partnership: LEXPAT Meets VideoWorkers and facilitates access to the single permit in Belgium

We're excited to introduce our recent partnership with VideoWorkers, the innovative leader in recruiting, designed to connect employers around the world with global talent.

This synergy promises to reinvent and optimize the recruitment route, from selection to the completion of administrative procedures linked to the single permit in Belgium and the visa.

By aligning LEXPAT's specialization in Belgian immigration law with VideoWorkers' excellence in recruitment, we aim to precisely meet our clients' expectations.

Dive into the world of this exciting collaboration to understand how it will translate into tangible benefits for our customers.

The Added Value of VideoWorkers

VideoWorkers revolutionizes recruitment by facilitating direct meetings between companies and exceptional talents.

This approach eliminates the sometimes prohibitive cost of traditional recruitment agency services for candidates seeking a position.

This avant-garde model provides a fast, secure and economical gateway for talents seeking to broaden their professional horizons internationally.

The real strength of VideoWorkers is its power to condense recruiting cycles.

With its unique Skills Demonstration Video feature, employers can see candidates' real skills at a glance - a significant advantage over traditional CVs which often struggle to reflect the reality of skills.

As at LEXPAT, the VideoWorkers team works for secure and legal migration, while ardently defending workers' rights.

To learn more about VideoWorkers, feel free to explore their social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Strategic Synergy: The Benefits for Our Clients

Our mission within the Lexpat firm transcends the simplification of obtaining legal residence in Belgium. We aspire to facilitate international mobility in its entirety.

Convinced of the exceptional services offered by VideoWorkers, we warmly recommend it to Belgian companies looking for talent to integrate into their teams.

We also encourage anyone wishing to settle and work in Belgium, and to this end are looking for a job offer from a local employer, to make VideoWorkers their platform of choice.

The future of this collaboration looks promising, and we look forward to discovering the fruits of this union in the months to come.

Strategic partnership Cabinet LEXPAT Belgium #SinglePermitBelgium

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