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This week, a landmark event took place within the European Parliament, redefining the contours of legal migration in Europe, and mostly of the SINGLE PERMIT.

Updated: Apr 2

Tableau qui prouve l'innovation dans les procédures de permis unique en Belgique
Crucial Update on Legal Migration: Towards a New Era for Single Permits in Europe!

A revision of the rules governing the single permit for residence and work for third-country nationals was adopted, opening the door to a more welcoming and efficient Europe.

The vote, massive and significant, with 465 votes for, 122 against, and 27 abstentions, reflects the European authorities' intention to facilitate the integration of international talents within our borders. These new measures aim to make Europe more attractive to those wishing to contribute to our economies and societies, within a legal and secure framework.

Key Points of This Reform on the Single permit:

  • Reduction of the decision time for single permit applications: From now on, decisions will be made within a maximum of 90 days, thus accelerating the immigration process.

  • Increased flexibility for permit holders: It will be easier to change employers and sectors of activity, offering better adaptation to the dynamics of the labor market.

  • Enhanced protection in case of job loss: Workers will benefit from a job search period of up to six months, providing them with additional security in case of unforeseen circumstances.

These adjustments symbolize significant progress towards a more humane and effective management of regular immigration, with a focus on integration and combating exploitation.

Our Commitment to You:

Our law firm is at the forefront of these legislative changes, ready to assist businesses and individuals in adapting to this new regulatory framework.

Whether you are an employer looking for international skills or a foreign worker aspiring to a career in Europe, we are here to facilitate your transition to this new era.

Europe is opening up further, and with our expertise, let's start your journey towards a promising future together.

Contact us now for personalized advice, and let's face these changes with confidence and preparation.

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