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What are the advantages of Belgium?

Belgium is an attractive destination for those looking to work abroad. Here are some reasons why you might consider coming to work in Belgium:

A strong economy: Belgium has a stable and robust economy, with one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. The country is also a hub for international business, with many headquarters of multinational companies.


A dynamic labour market: Belgium offers many job opportunities, with a variety of industries ranging from high-tech and life sciences to finance and professional services. In addition, the Belgian labour market is dynamic, with competitive wages and good working conditions.


A labour market open to foreigners: Belgium is an ideal place for international workers seeking employment in a prosperous and stable country with a high quality of life and a diverse culture. As such, in Belgium, the single work permit has been introduced to simplify immigration procedures for foreign workers. The single work permit facilitates the recruitment of foreign workers and also helps to combat illegal employment by ensuring that foreign workers are employed legally and enjoy the same rights and protections as Belgian workers.


A strong education system: Belgium has a high quality education system, with many world-renowned universities. Foreign workers can also benefit from continuing education programmes to improve their professional skills.


High quality of life: Belgium offers a high quality of life, with excellent infrastructure, quality healthcare, an efficient transport system and affordable housing. The country also has a balanced work culture, with a strong emphasis on private life and family.


A rich and diverse culture: Belgium is a multilingual and multicultural country, with French, Flemish and Germanic influences. This cultural diversity is reflected in working life, offering a cosmopolitan working environment.



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