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Let us introduce you our last SUCCES STORY!

Every day we have the chance to meet people with extraordinary life stories and inspire us to do our best for our clients. Therefore, we decided to share our favourite stories every 3 months, stories that we hope will inspire you too. ✨

Today, we have the privilege to tell you about Fatimaezzahra Benaamimi, a 29 year old girl with a big dream in her heart: ART.🤩

It's true, ever since she was little, this is what she wanted to study and she didn't stop at just dreaming. She set to work...

This young Moroccan started her studies in Morocco and decided to come to Belgium to perfect her skills. As a former laureate in Morocco, she obtained two diplomas in Belgium, including one with distinction. 👩‍🎓

Then, wishing not to stop there, she decided to work as an interior and urban designer.

As a citizen of a third country in the European Union, she had to apply for a professional card in order to be able to practise this profession independently.

Our firm was able to help her complete this project and see her dream come true and that is why she now holds a professional card that allows her to work independently in her field.

You can find her project portfolio here. Do you want to improve your interior or exterior? She is the one who can help you! 😎

Indeed, her goal is to design your interior and/or exterior while helping you optimise your spaces. A blend of Eastern and Western influences, what could be more inspiring?

She decided to turn her dream into reality, showing ambition and courage. Along with these assets, she had the right people by her side - us, the LEXPAT team - who managed to help her show the world what she is capable of.

You? What are you waiting for? Do you have a project, a dream you'd like to turn into reality or that you've managed to achieve?

Share it with us so that it touches as many people as possible, and who knows, it might be an inspiration to others. 😉

Article written in collaboration with Andreea- Bianca Colpos.

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