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There are new residence permits for foreigners in Belgium!

Since 11 October 2021, the names of some residence cards for foreigners have changed in Belgium.

The changes are as follows:

- The A card becomes "Limited stay";

- Card B becomes "Unlimited stay";

- Card C becomes card K "Settlement" and will be valid for 10 years;

- Card D becomes card L becomes "Long-term resident" and will be valid for 10 years;

- The F card becomes "EU family member Art 10 DIR 2004/39/EC";

- The F+ card becomes "EU family member Art 20 DIR 2004/38/EC" and will be valid for 10 years;

If you have one of these valid cards, you may, if you wish, apply in advance for a new card to be issued by your municipality of residence.

However, you should know that this request will be billed to you by your Commune.

Finally, the F and F+ cards will remain valid until 3 August 2026 at the latest. Therefore, these cards will have to be replaced in advance if they expire after this date.

If you would like more information about this procedure, please do not hesitate to make an appointment on our website.

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