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The professional card: an advantage already used by many foreigners around the world

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Dear reader,

Make yourself comfortable to read some spicy news from your favorites in immigration law!

Today we turn our attention to Eastern Europe, where the beginning of the year has been horrifying and has continued so far with unpleasant surprises: Russia. According to sources, during the summer, Russians have bought a thousand properties in Turkey.

The target area? Antalya.

Known for its beauty - fine sand, restaurants and Cyrillic signs - it's true that it's hard to resist, especially when you can afford it. The idea is simple: no need of visa to travel there and, especially since the Turkish lira has lost its value over time, it makes life there much cheaper for citizens of these Slavic countries. What's more, a significant number of Russians have settled in Antalya over the year and bought property.

The reason?

One of them would be the "golden visa". Why is it so precious? This law allows buyers to obtain Turkish citizenship as long as they keep their property for at least three years and make a purchase of at least €400,000. No language test is needed and the new owner and their children are automatically entitled to Turkish healthcare and schools. How could it not be worth the investment here, right?

But why are we so interested in this golden visa? Because we here in Belgium have this kind of visa and it`s called…


This profesional card in Belgium allows you to come and live in Belgium:

- To work as a self-employed person;

- Or to become a director of a company in Belgium.

Do you have a residence permit for at least 6 months in Belgium and want to obtain a professional card?

Are you aborad and wanting to get a professional card?

We are here to help you make your dream come true!

The main advantage of this ID is that once you have obtained your professional card, you can get a residence permit called an A card.

This is generally issued for a period of two years with the possibility of renewal. Applying for renewal must be done at least three months before the expiry date of the card, through your professionals partners in the field - us, the LEXPAT team.

Shall we tell you another cool thing? No minimum period of presence in Belgium is required! So you are not time-bound. Doesn't that sound good?

Have we piqued your interest? Don't wait any longer! You are just a click away from fulfilling your wish.

Best regards to you,

Lexpat team

Article written in collaboration with Andreea- Bianca Colpos.

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