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How can I stay and work in Belgium after my studies?

This post concerns the special residence permit for the year granted after the studies to look for a job or to create a company.


- To be in possession of a residence permit as a student;

- To have obtained a diploma of graduation, bachelor or master at the end of the current year;

- To submit the application at the latest 15 days before the expiry of the residence permit;

Procedure: 4 hypotheses:

1. First hypothesis:

- If the student does not provide all the requested documents, the municipal administration informs him/her that he/she has 15 days to complete the application.

2. Second hypothesis:

- If the foreigner's residence permit expires before the Aliens Office has decided on his application, the municipal administration must submit an annex 15.

3. Third hypothesis:

- If the decision of the Aliens' Office is positive, the municipal administration issues a residence permit valid for a maximum of 12 months

4. Fourth assumption:

- If the Aliens' Office does not make a decision within 90 days, the permit must be granted unless the student does not meet the legal requirements or constitutes a threat to public order or public health.

Our law firm specialised in foreigners' law will help you with your application.

Contacting a competent lawyer before taking any action allows you to act with full knowledge of the facts and to avoid making mistakes.


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