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Suspected single permit fraud? What's going on?

Hello dear readers,

Today we have chosen to talk to you about an interesting case, to say the least in the topic.

It is about a bakery that suddenly tried to employ a large number of Turks at the same time. The job they occupy is in shortage in the Flanders area. True, Belgium is facing a labour shortage in many professions - including the bakery in question - but the solution is by no means abuse and fraud!

Since this case, many rumors and suspicions have arisen that this is not the only case of fraud and, following discussions between the Belgian and Turkish authorities, many single permits have been suspended. More than 800 single permits are involved! A bit much, isn't it?

To deal with these fraud attempts, working groups have been set up to examine the files objectively and drastically to reduce this phenomenon to zero.

If the analysis shows fraud, the single permit will be cancelled, which is not very pleasant.

Such an incident should not affect immigration procedures in Belgium, but it does underline the importance of giving regional agencies the resources to identify and combat fraud.

To avoid resorting to such techniques, we are the best solution for you. This way, there is no danger of doing illegal things and remaining without a single permit.

What do you think of these anti-fraud actions?

Feel free to write to us. ✨

We are here to help you and make your dreams come true!

Article written in collaboration with Andreea- Bianca Colpos.

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